Overview & History

Company Overview

Kayden Higgins Corporation is a global energy management group involved in new developments, joint ventures and acquisitions within the integrated oil and gas industry.

We seek projects within the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors looking for potential acquisitions and partnerships around the globe.


Kayden Higgins Corporation was founded in August of 2007 and is currently based out of Houston, Texas. Since its inception, Kayden Higgins founder and CEO Kay Berg has taken necessary steps to align a multitude of factors. Factors she felt would be essential to bring together in order to create a sustainable energy company.

Kayden Higgins has established relationships with national oil companies, independent trading companies and integrated energy companies related to global E&P, midstream and downstream investments to explore projects in physical crude oil trading, exploration and production, refining acquisitions and joint ventures. All these projects are centered on our business model of becoming a supplier of crude oil and its derivative products to buyers in the United States and around the globe.

In 2008, Ms. Berg began to assemble former CEO’s, upstream and downstream experts, geological survey engineers, experienced traders and in the succeeding 2 years international partners in the Middle East and Asia. In 2010, Kayden Higgins Corporation was able to develop multiple supply sources of crude oil, diesel fuel and jet fuel while simultaneously securing interested buyers. In 2011, Kayden Higgins had prepared itself to begin a number of energy trades and is actively planning to venture into the refining, pipeline, storage and the exploration and production sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Kayden Higgins Corporation’s operational focus has always been to position itself as a reliable supplier of energy resources to domestic and international companies, while creating shareholder value. Its business contemplates a unique model for growth and has assembled some of the most experienced energy professionals in the oil industry worldwide today to develop, refine, buy, transport and sell crude oil and its derivatives products.