Senior Management, Board of Directors


Kay Berg – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Kay Berg is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Kayden Higgins Corporation. She guides all areas of executive management, oversees all E&P, trading, marketing and downstream refining developments as well as the planning and implementation of the company’s current operations and overall strategic direction. Ms. Berg has over eleven years of  senior management, corporate development involvement in the global oil and gas industry, working with major and private international oil companies, trading companies and energy executives. She established all major crude oil and refined product allocation’s for the company, formed complex, sophisticated strategic partnerships throughout the world and currently leads key personnel in the development of various domestic and  international projects. Ms. Berg has overseen for Kayden Higgins Corporation the development of a distribution network of sources of crude and refined product supply along with establishing relations with a broad range of crude oil and refined product buyers within the United States and overseas.  Ms. Berg founded a number of diverse businesses in multiple industries, domestically and around the world. She operated various international trading companies, high technology medical device manufacturing companies, creating global distribution systems and developed commercial real estate projects.  As a founder of companies Ms. Berg has over 40 years of senior executive management and international business experience.


James Rexrode – Executive Vice President

James Rexrode is Executive Vice President and a Board Member of Kayden Higgins Corporation. Mr. Rexrode oversees all areas of operations and has extensive experience in the arenas of upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Mr. Rexrode was President and Chief Executive Officer of Shell Gas Trading Company from 1987- 1994. From 1994-1996 he was also President of Tenneco Gas Marketing Company. Mr. Rexrode has over 40 years of experience while at Shell and Tenneco, including 28 years in Senior Management positions. Mr. Rexrode managed Shell’s natural gas trading, marketing and distribution operations which included overseeing Shell’s Sulfur and Carbon Dioxide businesses. For 25 years, Mr. Rexrode was responsible for overseeing Shell Oil Company’s downstream retail and commercial marketing businesses, including overseeing all Shell retail stations in the United States. Mr. Rexrode was a Manager in Shell’s E&P Division as well.


Non Executive Director


John H. Shepherd – Board of Advisors

John H. Shepherd has been instrumental in advising Kayden Higgins Corporation. This includes on the establishment of  crude oil, refined product trading and refinery projects. Mr. Shepherd was involved in providing his knowledge of logistics, crude trading, sale and purchase agreements, supply optimization, feedstock inventory and refined product systems. John was with Cities Service Company, now CITGO. His responsibilities included refined product terminal and pipeline engineering, marine terminal management, transport, crude oil supply and trading. Serving as International Crude Supply Manager, he negotiated spot, as well as long term contracts for the purchase of waterborne crude oil cargos for the supply and optimization of company refineries. He was also responsible for negotiating long term sales contracts with foreign  governments in order to market the company’s foreign equity crude oil production. After 12 years with Cities Service Company, he joined the international crude trading group of Transworld Oil U.S.A. as Vice President, and then served in the same capacity for Koch Supply and Trading Company. With both Transworld and Koch, John managed a staff of professional international crude oil traders, involving in a wide range of international crude oil grades. This work involved crude oil trading for the supply and optimization of U.S. based refineries, as well as crude trading for profit involving complex arbitrage trading and hedging strategies.




Joseph Michael – Senior Vice President

Joseph Michael leads the process as a project manager when targeting, developing acquisition projects within the E&P, midstream and refining sectors. Mr. Michael is currently involved in the implementation and expansion of our crude oil supply, risk management and refined product trading operations. Mr. Michael assists the company in interfacing with crude oil supply sources and buyers of crude oil and refined products domestically and overseas. In 2008, Mr. Michael completed the Oxford Princeton programs for physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations and Principles of International Oil Trading. Mr. Michael is a former Manager of Business Development at RSM Equico, McGladrey Capital Markets, a mergers and acquisitions company specializing in the North American middle size markets and a global investment banking firm. Mr. Michael has worked in finance for 20 years and has broad knowledge in equity investments and corporate finance pertaining to companies within the energy sector. Mr. Michael handles the corporate finance, investor relations functions for Kayden Higgins Corporation.


Derek Berg – Vice President

Derek Berg works with the CEO in key areas of executive management, strategic vision, planning and implementation. He has also been instrumental in assisting with the management of developing complex domestic and international partnerships. Mr. Berg is involved in the management, implementation and expansion of our crude oil supply, commodity finance, risk management and refined product trading operations. Mr. Berg is assisting with managing asset based acquisition projects, identifying  financial and strategic investors targeting acquisitions, within the E&P and refining sectors. In 2008, Mr. Berg completed the Oxford Princeton programs for physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations and Principals of International Oil Trading.